Historical house in Chianti


The whole of Tuscany emanates harmony, tranquillity and gentle beauty. It is a sun-drenched land with a timeless atmosphere which has always enchanted travellers and tourists, remaining indelibly stamped in the memory and heart of all those who have fallen under its spell. 

Radda in Chianti is the village of vineyards. The view from the hill on which in the Middle Ages, between the waters of ‘Arbia and Pesa, was built Radda that spans a dense plot of vineyards. 

Palazzo Leopoldo is a magical place where you can spend unforgettable holidays. The Palace maintains its ancient structure both outside and inside, where modern furnishings are combined with antiques, which highlight the taste of the ancient lords of Tuscany. Frescoes, fireplaces and antique furnishings make it a unique setting and give guests a fabulous atmosphere.

Palazzo Leopoldo, located in the medieval center of Radda , is located on two adjacent and majestic structures, a patrician villa of 1310 and the historic palace Beccari. The noble villa is still a fascinating testimony of the medieval Tuscan period.Palazzo Beccari was instead until a few years ago the seat of the historic winery Vignavecchia, which has been producing wine since 1876 thanks to the passion of Odoardo Beccari, a well-known Florentine explorer, zoologist and botanist of the time.

Signs of this ancient splendour are still present in Palazzo Leopoldo: the wide common spaces in the House, the frescoes, the cotto – pavements, the fireplaces, the original kitchen of the XVIII century and the internal private chapel. after really a detailed renovation and keeping as much as possible the original structure and furniture, Palazzo leopoldo became a High quality hotel, where it is possible spending special and unique holidays, thanks to the atmosphere full of ancient history and splendour, to the fact that it is immersed in the countryside of Chianti, the heart of Tuscany. and one of the kind House in the Chianti region. This special liaison between history and nature makes Palazzo Leopoldo a location where the guest can really breath the spirit of Tuscany, loved and appreciated all over the world thanks to its politic and artistic history and for its natural beauties.

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