Seasoning the time, with taste!

here is a nice tutorial on how to prepare a delicious dish of carbonara pasta. Enjoy!

Eccellenze Italiane

Geplaatst door Concierge Taylor Made op Zondag 29 maart 2020

Concierge Taylor Made, a leading company in concierge and lifestyle
services, is pleased to present its boxes of Italian delicacies and experiences.

In this difficult year, we had to give up traveling but, we have not lost our
sense of adventure. Accordingly, Concierge Taylor Made wants to offer you
the possibility of “Seasoning the time, with taste”.

We have selected the finest Italian gastronomic experiences for you. They
are products of the highest quality and made by organic farms that deeply
care about the environment.

Besides food, we also offer superb accommodation and activities in your
preferred vacation spot, whether it’s Tuscany, Latium or Campania.

With just one click you can buy a box of Italian delicacies that will arrive
directly on your doorstep or, you can choose to combine a box of Italian
delicacies with a stay in the region where they are produced.

“Seasoning the time, with taste”: a touch of class to explore new tastes and
territories. It’s an opportunity to treat yourself or to offer someone a taste of